Family Wellness Package

This package is perfect for families looking to make smarter choices, build a stronger foundation, and fuel healthier and happier lifestyles… as a team!View More:

Does your family need some assistance in working together to achieve greater health and wellness?  It’s time to unite the picky eaters and busy schedules… let Morgan help your household build nutrition stepping stones to a healthier lifestyle over time.  The best wellness foundations are built as a team!

Package Includes…

Initial Nutrition Consultation: Sit down with Morgan, one-on-one, to discuss your family’s health and nutrition goals in this 60-75 minute session.  Session includes a dietary analysis of your 3-day food record, review of nutrition and health backgrounds, determination of family nutrition needs, sample meal plan and establishment of nutrition strategies and plan for success.

Kitchen Makeover: Morgan will work with you at your home to take inventory of your refrigerator, freezer, pantry and kitchen equipment.  You will then be provided with tips and a plan for how to makeover your kitchen to create an environment that supports the optimal health and nutrition of you and your family.

Individualized Grocery Store Tour: A 60 minute tour of your preferred grocery store, complete with smart shopping tips and strategies, grocery lists, budgeting tips and recipes.

Meal Makeover: Provide Morgan with 3 of your family’s go-to recipes.  Morgan will then create healthier, more nutrient-dense recipes while still keeping taste the number one priority!

2 Follow Up Sessions: Each 30-45 minute follow up session includes the monitoring and evaluation of your family’s previous nutrition strategies, assessment of progress, discussion of successes and barriers and revision of action plan as needed.

Cost is $515 for the total package (a $615 value).  Ask about splitting into payments, if desired.  

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