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Meet Morgan!

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Welcome to Fork to Fit- your resource for nutrition counseling in Wilmington, NC!

I am excited to share my nutrition passion with you!  My first goal with all my clients is to surpass your expectations- forget your pre-conceived notion of what it is going to be like to meet with a dietitian, and prepare to take the first step to an individualized plan.  It is time to find your road to a healthier lifestyle.  You may know all the right things to do, but often there is a gap between what we should be doing and what we are able to fit into our ‘on the go’ lifestyles.  My job as a registered nutritionist is to provide you with mentorship and guide your strategies to fill that gap.

You are capable of fueling your body properly… and the first step starts today.  I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Morgan Davis, RD, LDN, CSSD- Wilmington, NC Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Counselor      Specializing in weight management, sports nutrition, chronic disease management and wellness.

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